What is the eyelash extensions application procedure like?

The procedure is tranquil, painless, gentle and relaxing. Many of my clients enjoy soft conversations or drift off to sleep. Whether it is your first visit or touch-up, the procedure will always be the same.
You will arrive with freshly cleansed lashes.You will have avoided caffeine or stimulants a minimum of 5 hours prior to your appointment. Your eyes involuntarily move and stimulants will increase this action.You will have avoided wearing waterproof mascara at least 2 days prior to your appointment. Once you are wearing lash extensions you are strongly cautioned not to wear mascara because the oils in mascara will break down the adhesive bond.I shall start a proper consultation with you.You will lay down (face up) on my comfortable, stable, warm, wide massage table. I shall make sure your neck and back are comfortable. It is best if your chin is up toward the Lash Stylist. This will help “open the angle” of the lash line for maximum extension application.Your natural lashes shall be prepared with an additional rinse.Eye pads shall then be applied. This is necessary to isolate your lower lashes from your upper lashes.Your lashes will be coated with a primer. The primer extends the cleansing process and adjusts the pH of your lashes to allow the adhesive to grab your natural lashes.At your touch-up appointment, I will remove outgrown and/or lashes pointing in the wrong direction. **As your natural lashes grow out of the follicle, they naturally twist and turn. This is a very natural occurrence, but could cause your extension to appear untidy. I will instruct you on how to handle a rogue lash.Then I will apply your extensions 0.5-1mm away from your eyelid. I use a medical-grade adhesive specifically blended for eyelash extensions and safe for use around the eye. Each extension is attached to one, single natural lash( natural looking style) or multi weightless extensions on one natural lash (Volume and Mega eyelash extensions). This procedure allows each natural lash to grow on its own growth cycle. I attach extensions to your natural eyelash hair only, never to your skin.I balance your eyes by applying one eyelash extension to each eye and repeat the process.I shall double-check my application to ensure each extension is adhered to one, single natural eyelash.At the end of the procedure, I shall cure your lashes with an atomized mister. These tiny little vapors help the adhesive to cure and reduce reactions.You will open your eyes to view your new extensions.I will give you a proper aftercare advice for long lasting eyelash extensionsI will schedule your next appointment and complete payment for my service.

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