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What is lash lift/eyelash perm? 2 effective treatments
What is lash lift? What is eyelash perm?

What is lash lift? What is eyelash perm? Everything you need to know about those 2 treatments

What is Lash Lift? What is Eyelash Perm?

One popular method of enhancing your appearance is by addressing your eyelashes. While seemingly small in size, the look of your eyelashes has a substantial effect on your face. The more luscious the eyelashes, the more youthful and striking they become. While eyelash extensions are popular, they are also expensive and difficult to keep in place. It is why more people are turning to a lash lift or eyelash perm to enhance their natural lashes. 

Although similar in nature, there are differences between a lash lift and eyelash perm. To know what works best for you, it helps to understand the differences between the two methods. 

What is Lash Lift? 

This is when the eyelashes are curled to create a longer, healthier appearance. A perming solution is used on the lashes as they are curled around a small device. The device itself is small enough to be used on shorter lashes. And the perming solution causes the follicles to curl upwards and set in place. A lash lift is perfect for those with shorter lashes that makes them not suitable for an eyelash perm. 

What is Eyelash Perm? 

This is a process that uses a small, cylinder-shaped rod that is combined with a perming solution. The result is that the eyelashes will curl around the rod while the perm fixes them in place. Basically, it is the same process as perming your hair. 

The result is that the eyelashes themselves will stay curled for weeks until the follicles themselves fall out and are replaced by new ones. An eyelash perm is best for those who have longer lashes but need to have them lifted in a natural way. 

Both the lash lift and eyelash perm will last for several weeks depending on how fast your eyelash follicles stay in place. The differences may seem quite modest as the same perming solution is used, but the lift is applied to shorter lashes while the eyelash perm is for longer lashes. At Blink Lashes, our stylists can make the determination of which type is best suited for your needs. 

How to Prepare for an Eyelash Perm? 

If you have decided to go for a lash lift or eyelash perm, then you should set the appointment with us at Blink Lashes. When you arrive, be sure that your eyelashes are naked and free of any mascara so the process can start faster. However, if you do have mascara on your eyelashes, our stylists will remove them first before starting the perming process.

The next step is conversing with our stylist about the amount of curl that you want for your lashes. You can choose a little or a lot depending on what you want. And our professionals can help you make the best-informed decision. Next, you will lie down on a comfortable, cushioned beauty bed and relax. The process of lifting or perming the lashes usually takes about 40 minutes to an hour to complete. 

Perming Process

Now that you are ready, the first step is applying eyepads to the bottom lashes to protect them. Any remaining mascara, dirt, or residue is cleaned away from the lashes, so the area is properly prepared. The next step is the application of the gel cylinder which is placed above your eyelashes and has false eyelash glue to hold it gently in place. This is when the curling process begins. 

A gentle adhesive is used to connect your upper lashes to the cylinder. This will create the shape of the curl that you desire. Once the amount of the curl is set, the next step is applying the formula that is part of the perm. The formula is the same as standard perming solutions and contains ammonium thioglycolate. What this does is create a new setting for the eyelash follicles so they retain the curl for weeks to come. 

The perming solution is applied and sits for about five minutes. Then the solution is removed using a cream that neutralises the active ingredients before it causes any harm to the eyelashes themselves.  At this point, a plastic wrap is placed over the eyes which helps to contain the heat and speed up the process of curling. 

Now, the cylinders are removed, and the eyelashes are cleaned. Once cleaned, a treatment containing keratin is applied which provides nutrients to the lashes themselves. This treatment will help to enhance the lashes and make them stronger. Once that is completed, you get to look into the mirror and see what the lash lift or eyelash perm has accomplished. 

How Long Will It Last?

The lash lift or eyelash perm will generally last about six to eight weeks. This does depend on how fast the hair follicles will grow before they fall out and are replaced by other follicles. 

For almost everyone who undergoes the treatment, there are no side effects. In fact, most customers enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that goes along with the treatment. It’s seemingly simple enough to do on your own, but the truth is having a professional technician do the work greatly increases the chances of success with no downsides. 

What is lash lift? What is eyelash perm?

For aftercare, you should not apply any mascara for at least three hours after the process has been completed. This allows for the eyelashes to fully dry out. Most people will simply not apply any mascara until the next morning just to be safe. 

However, once the drying process is complete, you can enhance your lashes by using mascara which will protect the follicles themselves. Also, your stylist may have other advice for you to follow to get the most out of your perm or lift. Plus, you can schedule appointments in advance to have the process done again when your eyelashes are ready. 

A lash lift or eyelash perm offers a simple, yet powerful way to enhance your natural appearance more cost-effectively compared to having eyelash extensions At Blink Lashes, we can perform an eyelash perm or lash lift that will make for a more striking appearance that is easier and more cost-effective to maintain. 

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