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What are Henna Brows? Why Henna is better than a brow tint
Henna Brows

What are Henna Brows? 

Henna Brows

Tinting has been a popular option for those who want to augment their eyebrows. But there is a new type of treatment that not only provides a natural appearance but will last considerably longer. Henna Brows offers the means which you can have your eyebrows tinted naturally that will augment your appearance. 

For those searching for henna brows near me, then Blink Lashes is here for you. We specialise in the application of henna products to create the perfect tint for your brows. Whether you want to cover a few grey hairs or simply enjoy a new look, henna brows are a safe, effective means of enhancing your natural beauty. 

Henna Brows

What are Henna Brows?

Henna is a natural, plant-derived product that has been in use for many thousands of years. You can find henna tattoos and other skin decorations used in Hindu cultures along with many other places around the world. It also acts as a natural dye that can be used in the hair, including your eyebrows. At Blink Lashes, we offer henna brows as part of our services to you. 

You can choose from a dozen different colours, with special shades that are perfect for blondes and brunettes without having to worry about red undertones. These vegan-based dyes are completely natural and specially formulated to last longer compared to previous, chemical-based dyes. The special henna solution provides a natural appearance to your eyebrows that enhance your features in the right way. 

The henna before and after look is remarkable, meaning that you can alter your appearance in a subtle, yet noticeable way that can be customised for your needs. Some of the more frequently asked questions about henna brows include the following. 

How Long do Henna Brows Last?  

Henna brows will typically last from four to five weeks, which is considerably longer than the standard brow tint. Keep in mind that henna will also stain the skin and remain in place for seven to ten days on average in case you want a little extra addition to the brows. Keep in mind that with unusual circumstances the henna brows may not last quite as long. 

Because it is made from natural vegan products, there are no side effects from the application of henna to the brows or skin. The chances of an allergic reaction are also considerably reduced as well. 

Will Henna Change the Colour of White or Grey Hair?

Yes. Because henna is absorbed into the follicle faster than the typical chemical-based dyes, it is the perfect choice for eyebrows that are light in colour. The henna will darken the hairs, so they really stand out and cover any grey or white hairs that you want to hide. The result is a natural look that will take years off your appearance. 

Can Henna Brows Work with Redheads?

Yes, it can. With the wide range of colours available, henna offers the perfect natural dye to bring out your eyebrows no matter your hair colour. Considering that redheads, just like blondes and brunettes have different shades, so too does the henna products we use to change the colour of your eyebrows. You can talk to our stylists at Blink Lashes and choose the right shade of henna that best suits your appearance. 

My Eyebrows are Rather Sparse, Will Henna Still Work?

Absolutely. The natural dye in henna not only changes the colour of the hair, it also helps fill in areas that may be sparse. This is because the henna will stain the skin under the brows the same colour which fills in the area perfectly. Not only can you fill in the areas that have few hairs, but you can shape the brows to your liking. 

In addition, the natural properties of henna help promote the growth of healthy follicles, so your eyebrows may fill in over time when using this product. 

What About Enhancing a Cosmetic Tattoo?

Henna brows can augment an existing cosmetic tattoo with little problem. This is because the henna will stain the brows and skin but does not interfere with the pigments commonly used with tattoos. The henna will let you change the shape and depth of the brows for a different look. 

Plus, if you are thinking about getting a cosmetic tattoo for your eyebrows, then having the henna treatment is a great try out. After all, if you do not like it, the henna is not permanent and will fade away. Many who have considered getting a cosmetic tattoo have tried henna brows first. You may find that the henna brows are better suited for your needs.  

When are Henna Brows not Recommended?

Although it will work for most people, there are certain circumstances in which henna is not recommended for use. If you have never had henna applied to your brows or skin before, our technicians will apply a small amount to a patch of skin. If that skin reacts in the following manner. 

  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Raised Bumps
  • Itchy Skin

It means that your skin is having an allergic reaction to the henna. If you have had an allergic reaction before to henna products, chances are your skin is still allergic. Other reasons for not having henna applied to your brows or skin includes the following. 

  • Eczema
  • Skin Infection 
  • Dry Skin 
  • Sunspots
  • Sun Damaged Skin 

In addition, cuts, abrasions, or scabbing in the area of the brows means that the application of henna is not recommended. Furthermore, if you use AHA or BHA-based products or retinols, then the henna brows may not last long. 

If you are searching for henna brows near me, then Blink Lashes is the place to go. We offer our experienced technicians who are skilled in the application of henna to create beautiful eyebrows that last up to five weeks. You can see the henna before and after treatment yourself when you come by our salon and take advantage of this remarkable, natural product that can be customised for your particular look.  

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