Taking proper care of your eyelash extensions

Taking proper care of your eyelash extensions

Taking proper care of your eyelash extensions


As an expert stylist, it is our duty to educate you as our clients how to taking proper care of your eyelash extensions.

One of the areas where we have to advise you is the issue of taking care of your eyelashes, before and after we fix an extension for you. As a client, you have to know actions that will ruin your lashes and also, those that may even cause damage to your eyes. So here are the lists to taking proper care of your eyelash extensions:


  • Avoid pulling on the eyelash extensions


You need to know that it is wrong to keep taking your hands to the eyelashes. There should be no pulling, picking or scrubbing of the lashes because these actions will weaken the bond and make the lashes fall off.

If there is a constant urge to itch and pull on the eyelash extensions due to irritation, the best thing to do is to call us.


  • Avoid using oil-based products around the eyes


Only oil-free products are allowed around the eyes because oil-based products will weaken the bond attaching eyelash extensions to the natural ones. Products like baby oils and vaseline are good examples of oil-based products and shouldn’t be used. We recommend using Eyelash Foam Cleanser that is specially designed for Eyelash extensions and to use around the eyes. We stock some at our salon. Make sure to ask you if you want to grab one.

If you are unsure about which products are oily, feel free to bring them to the salon and we can have a look for you.


  • Don’t sleep face-down


A pillow could do a lot of damage to the new eyelashes when ladies sleep face-down and this is a very common cause of crimped eyelash extensions. It is better to just sleep with the face upwards or on the side.


  • Avoid wetting the eyes


It is recommended that women should maintain a period of at least 24 hours before letting even a drop of water fall on their newly fixed eyelashes.

On occasions like swimming, where the eyes can unavoidably get wet, it’s best to wear suitable spectacles to protect the lashes while taking a swim. 

When bathing, it’s good to tilt the head back, and when working out at the gym, a headband will block sweat from running down the head to the eyes.


  • Visit your stylist every two to three weeks


Frequently visiting the professional is a good way to keep the eyelashes looking fresh and new. The lashes that have grown out will be replaced and entirely new sets can be fixed if there is a need for that.


  • Practice good hygiene


Most times, the irritations that cause swelling and redness come from poor personal hygiene. So, maintaining hygienic practices like keeping clean eyes, face, and hands, will go a long way in ensuring that eyelash extensions are properly taken care of.


  • Use aftercare coating


It will protect the eyes from dirt and prevent premature shedding of eyelash extensions. It also makes the eyes look more beautiful.

Make sure you follow the advice and you sure to have the beautiful, clean lashes all the time 🙂

For a complete list of how to take care of eyelashes after extensions…You can go check out our eyelash extensions aftercare advices here

This article is written by Mai Qauch, The owner of Blink Lashes

If you’re interested to read more about this topic, you can go to this website.

Remember one thing 🙂 Clean Lashes = Happy non irritated long lasting lashes!

Mai xx

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