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Brow Wax&Tint| #1 Best Eyebrow Wax & Tints in the Highlands

Brow Wax & Tints

Get your eyebrow into shape and brighten up your eyebrows and eyelashes with your choice of tint color. We also offer face, lip and chin wax.

At Blink lashes, we offer a range of lash and brow treatments so you can be the best version of yourself. From a simple brow tidy-up (Brow wax & Tint) to a complete brow makeover, our experienced lash and brow stylists will design your brows to best suit your face. 

If you’re looking for more definition, we also offer brow tints to darken your brow and can also colour the skin for further intensity. Pairing a brow wax and tint treatment is a great way to brighten up your face and can be done within 20 minutes! For a complete look, we also offer a wax and tint special where you can enjoy a brow shape, tint and eyelash tint together!

We customise the tint to suit your skin complexion and hair colour. Regardless of what colour hair you have, we have all the shades available for you. Tinting usually lasts about 2-3 weeks, if you are looking for something that lasts longer we recommend checking out Henna Brows (a natural long lasting eyebrow treatment).

Wax Contraindications

Our aim is to provide the perfect looking brow and for you to have the most relaxing and comfortable brow treatment. But there are some conditions where the treatment might damage your skin. So if you have any of these conditions below we won’t be able to proceed with the treatment: 

  • Have a bruise, blister, cut or wound around the brow area
  • Have been on strong skin medication such as acne medication within the last six months. For example Accutane, Roaccutane have a thinning effect on the skin which makes brow waxing unsuitable.
  • Recently had a skin needling treatment.
  • Recently had a laser treatment around the brow area.
  • You’ve had a BHA/AHA/glycolic acid peel in the brow area in the last four weeks.

You can also check out waxing contraindication here (External resources)

Tint Contraindications (Brow and Lash Tint)

Safe, simple and comfortable beauty treatments are our goal. We like to make sure that all our tint clients have a comfortable experience with us and come out with great brows and lashes! For your safety, there are some circumstances where tints cannot be performed. If you have skin conditions like eczema, cut, wound, bruise or skin infection around the eye area. Or you have a history of allergic reactions to dye/tint (this includes hair dye).

Please note: if you regularly use exfoliants/scrubs, AHA or BHA-based products on the brow area, the tint may not last as usual. Exfoliants encourage cell turnover, which means the tint tends to fade at a faster rate.


Brow Wax & Tints

Eyebrow Wax with Shape

Tidy up unwanted hairs for your brows

$20 (15 mins)
Strip Wax or Hot Wax

Eyebrow Shape & Tint

Get your eyebrow into shape and brighten it up with your selected tint color.

$30 (30 mins)
Plucking Eyebrow into Shape, a variety of shades/Tints

Eyebrow Tint

Brighten up your eyebrow with your choice of tint color.

$20 (15 mins)
A variety of shades/tints

Eyelash Tint & Brow Tint & Shape

Darken your eyelashes and eyebrows and make them the perfect shape to suit your face.

$55 (40 mins)
A variety of shades/tints, Strip wax and Hot wax

Eyelash Tint

Darken your eyelashes so they are more visible. Recommended for anyone who has light color eyelashes.

$25 (25 mins)
A variety of shades/tints

Eyelash Tint & Brow Tint/ Shape

Brighten up your eyebrows and eyelashes with your choice of tint color. You can choose whether you want your eyebrows to be tinted or shaped.

$40 (30 mins)
A variety of shades/tints, Strip Wax or Hot Wax.

Lip and Chin Wax

Remove unwanted hairs on your upper lip and chin

$35 (20 mins)
Strip wax or Hot wax

Lip wax

Remove unwanted hairs on your lip

$20 (15 mins)
Strip Wax or Hot Wax

Chin wax

Remove unwanted hairs on your chin

$20 (15 mins)
Strip Wax or Hot Wax
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Does eyelash tinting sting?

It usually doesn’t sting! On the very rare occasion, if someone has hypersensitive skin they might feel a slight tingling sensation when it’s washed off, but that’s it. It normally doesn’t hurt at all.

How long does an eyebrow tint last?

An eyebrow tint generally lasts between 2-4 weeks. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or go swimming often the colour will fade faster.

Do I need to take my contact lenses off before getting my eyelashes tinted?

Yes, it’s best to take them off before getting your lashes tinted. Leaving them on my cause your eyes to get dry or red because your eyes will be be closed for a while.

Can I get my lashes tinted before getting eyelash extensions?

Yes you can, no problem. We don’t use any oily products during the tinting process to ensure that the extensions will bond perfectly with your natural lashes. If you have very light/blonde coloured natural lashes, then we recommend getting your eyelashes tinted before adding the extensions. All you need to do is book for both services if you want to get them done on the same day.

Is lash tinting safe?

Yes, it is.  We highly recommend a patch test prior, particularly if you are sensitive to dyes or tints. If you have had a previous allergic reaction to dye or tint, we wouldn’t recommend doing it.

Can I get my eyebrows waxed on the same day I get eyelash extensions?

Yes absolutely. The two treatments aren’t going to impact each other in any way. It’s just going to make your eyes look extra beautiful! Just so you know, when you get both done on the same day, you’ll get a discount off the waxing.

What is the difference between a usual eyebrow tint and henna?

Eyebrow tint is a vegetable dye that’s activated by peroxide. Regular tint colours the eyebrow hairs, making them appear fuller and darker. It lasts roughly 2-4 weeks and is perfect for those wanting to build up colour for their existing eyebrow hair.

Henna is a plant based dye which is free of peroxide activators.

Henna tint not only colours the hair, but it also colours the skin. It penetrates the hair follicle differently, making the tint on the hair last longer than a regular tint. It lasts roughly 6-8 weeks as opposed to just 2-4 weeks with a regular eyebrow tint.

Henna tint is perfect if your brows have little to no hair as it builds fullness with colour on the skin. It’s also great if you want your tints to last longer!


Do you do eyebrow shaping/tinting for men?

Yes, of course. Whether you’re male or female we can shape and tint your eyebrows, no problem.

I have sensitive skin, will brow waxing be safe for me?

Absolutely. We adjust the method of waxing if you have sensitive skin. We’ll choose the wax based on your skin type and condition.

Keep in mind though, we won’t be able to do the treatment if you are taking any acne medications. Please contact us to discuss any alternative options for you.

What other services do you offer?

Not only do we specialise in eyelash extensions, we are also great with eyebrow treatments. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Lip wax
  • Chin wax
  • Face wax
  • Eyebrow tint
  • Eyelash tint
  • Henna brow
  • Eyelash perm
  • Brow feathering (coming soon)

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Brow Lamination

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Classic Lashes Classic Eyelash Extensions

Glam Classic

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Mega Volume Lashes Mega Volume Lash

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Eyelash Perms eyelash-perming

Eyelash Perms

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Removal Eyelash removal

Removal (Lashes Done at Blink Lashes)

Get your eyelash extensions removed by Professionals to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

Removal Eyelash removal

Removal (Lashes Done at Other Salons)

Get your eyelash extensions removed by Professionals to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

Cosmetic Tattoo Cosmetic Tattoo -eyebrow microblading

Cosmetic Tattoo

Get your Brows in perfect shape with our secret technique to create super fine strokes in the skin in a hair like pattern.

Henna Brows

Henna Brows

Looking for natural long-lasting eyebrow enhancement. Henna Brow is your answer. The result lasts 4-6 weeks.

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