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Lash Lifts

Get your lashes lifted and make them more defined with tinting treatment.

A Lash Lift is a non damaging, nourishing treatment that lifts and curls your natural lashes whilst strengthening them with keratin. The lift normally lasts 6-8 weeks, depending on your skin type and lash cycle. As your lash cycle progresses, the lift grows out gradually and your lashes return to their normal state. 

lash lift

Who are Lash Lifts suited to?

If you’re not quite into eyelash extensions and still want to enhance your eyes then a Lash Lift is the answer. Lash Lifts are a great low maintenance treatment that will enhance your natural lashes without having to put anything on them. They’re great if you’re looking for something subtle to wear day to day or if you’re about to go on a holiday and want that little bit ‘extra’. They go well with a lash tint for extra darkness, to make your lashes look even longer!

Contraindications for Lash Lifting

We would love for you to have stunning lifted lashes, but there are certain circumstances where we may not be able to perform a lash lift. These are known as contraindicationswhere the treatment’s negative effects could outweigh the benefits. 

We might not be able to go ahead with the Lash Lift treatment if:

  • You had a Lash Lift within the last 8 weeks. This is because it takes about 6-8 weeks for a Lash Lift to grow out so doing another one too soon may damage your natural lashes. For the health of your lashes, better to just wait and set your appointment for after this period. There might be an exception though. If you’ve had your lashes lifted elsewhere but the lashes haven’t lifted properly, you might be able to do a ‘remedial lift’ sooner than the 6-8 weeks. We’ll have to assess your lashes and let you know.
  • You are pregnant. If you’re in the first trimester, we won’t be able to perform the treatment as it has not been clinically approved for women who are pregnant within this period. After the first trimester though it’s fine. We still recommend a patch test to detect any possible reactions due to the hormonal changes.
  • You have had a history of previous allergic reactions to lash lifting. If you’re allergic to eyelash extensions you still might be able to do a lash lift because lash lifts don’t involve the use of adhesive. 
  • You have had laser eye surgery in the previous six weeks. Within this period, your eyes are still in the healing process, and any additional eye treatment can cause irritation.
  • Your eyes are inflamed, have a stye or are infected. Your eye area needs to be completely healthy for any treatments to be safely applied. 
  • You are on hormonal medication. For example roaccutane, thyroid medication. These types of medications make it hard to predict how effective the lash lifting solution will be so we don’t recommend it during this period to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help you.


Lash Lifts

Lash Lift

A Lash Lift is a non-damaging, nourishing treatment that lifts and curls your natural lashes whilst strengthening them with keratin.

$89 (60 mins)
Keratin Lash Lift. Lash Botox.

Lash Lift + Tint

A Lash Lift is a non damaging, nourishing treatment that lifts and curls your natural lashes whilst strengthening them with keratin.

$99 (1.15 hrs)
Keratin Lash Lift. Lash Botox. Available in custom-created colours from very light brown to dark brown-black.
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Can I get eyelash extensions done after a lash lift?

We recommend to wait at least 6-8 weeks so that your lashes are nearly back to normal. This means it’ll be smooth enough for us to apply the extensions on with a better bond so that your lashes last longer.

What’s the difference between an eyelash perm and a lash lift?

Lash Perm

The lash perm is best suited to women with long eyelashes or women with wide or open eyes.

This treatment makes the lashes semi-permanently curled for weeks. This is achieved by wrapping the lashes around a cylindrical rod and adding perming solutions to curl the lashes.

This creates beautiful lash curls but often the clients feel that their lashes appear short as this doesn’t lift the lash.

The Lash Lift

While perming the lash actually curls the lashes, the lash lift works differently by lifting the lashes up from the base.

Whereas both methods use the same chemical solutions to perm the lashes, the lash lift uses more of a curved fan shaped device, rather than a cylindrical rod.

The lift takes the same amount of time as a perm, but should last slightly longer. Your lashes will generally not be as curled with a lash lift compared to a lash perm.

Can I get eyelash extensions after a lash lift?

You can, but not straight away. It’s best to wait 6-8 weeks after your lash lift. If the lift was only a slight curl, then you could possibly do it a bit sooner. This time is needed so the lashes will become smooth enough to allow a perfect bond between the extension and your natural lash. So being patient will help your eyelash extensions last longer!

How long does a lash lift last?

Lash lifts usually lasts between six to eight weeks. It also depends on how well you look after them and your lash growth cycle.

For the lash lift to last, you must keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours after your appointment to ensure that the lashes maintain the lift as long as possible. After 24 hours, it’s best to avoid using any oily products around your eyes and brush your lashes upwards regularly.

I’m pregnant, can I get a lash lift done?

It isn’t recommended to get it done during the first trimester because it hasn’t been clinically tested and approved for this period. After the first trimester though, it’s absolutely fine. The solution has been tested and proven to be fine during the later stages of pregnancy.

Please Note: Pregnancy has also been known to affect the growth rate and texture of hair/eyelashes, so pregnant clients may experience less lift than usual.

What will the result of Lash Lift dramatic?

The result of a lash lift depends on the condition and length of your natural eyelashes. The purpose of Lash Lift treatment is to create a natural look, as we will be working with your natural lashes only (No glue exposure).

So if:

  • You have naturally straight, long lashes then the lash lift will produce more of a dramatic effect
  • Your lashes are on the shorter side, The result will be more toward a beautiful natural look.

If you’re looking for a more voluminous lash look, we’d recommend checking out our wide range of lash extensions.

I have very straight lashes, can I get a lash lift done?

Yes, you sure can. Lash lifts can be done regardless of the type of natural lashes you have. The aim of this treatment is to create a lift for your natural lashes so having straight lashes won’t have any impact at all. The result will just be a bit more noticeable if you have longer lashes compared to shorter lashes.

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