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Affordable Glam Classic lashes| #1 popular set in Highlands

Glam Classic

The most popular natural set at Blink Lashes. A great choice for first-time wearers and everyday wear. Approx 80-120 lashes.

The Glam Classic Set is the most popular classic lashes set because it adds length and curl while still looking natural. We’ll put one eyelash extension on each of your natural lashes with a total of around 80-120 lashes on each eye. You can choose different types of lashes like silk, faux mink or flat lashes for your Glam set. 

If you like, there’s a few different effects that we can create for you like ‘cat eye’ and ‘doll eye’ (very curled). Have a look at the photos below and see if you prefer the standard Glam Set or one with an effect.

Who's the Glam Classic set best suited for?

The Glam Set is a good choice if you’re new to eyelash extensions or want something that’s natural looking and going to be good to wear everyday to any occasion. It’s also a good start if you want to hide or bright out any features of your eyes like hooded eyes, Asian eyes or mono-lid eyes. You can wear these to work or when you go out, it’s not going to be an issue because they’re very natural looking. Don’t worry, people will still notice them!  

PS. If you want to know more about classic lashes, go here for more info about classic lashes

Before After glam lashes after picClassic lashes after

Glam Classic Lash Book


Glam Classic

Natural looking lashes, Mascara effect

$150 (60-90 mins)
About 80-120 lashes/eye Silk, Faux Mink or Flat Lashes 2 weeks infills from $65-$75 3 weeks infills from $80-$95


I’ve never had eyelash extensions before, what set do you recommend?

If this is your first time to do eyelash extensions, we recommend to go for either the Lite Classic or Glam Classic. These two sets will enhance your lashes without being too full on. They’ll allow you to have a feel for what it’s like and get used to having them on.

Does getting eyelash extensions hurt?

Not at all. As long as they are applied properly with trained lash professionals, it’s a relaxing and painless process.

Eyelash extensions are applied on the natural lashes with medical-grade adhesive, close to the eyelid but not touching the skin. This is to prevent any irritation.

If this is your first time to eyelash extensions, we know that you might be feeling a bit nervous. Don’t worry, after the first time you’ll get used to the process and then you’ll probably get so relaxed you’ll fall asleep! (happens a lot!)

Will the eyelash extensions irritate my eyes?

No they won’t. After the eyelash extensions are applied on your natural lashes, they will feel just like your own lashes. Not any part of the extensions will even touch your skin. Of course if you are rough with them and keep rubbling your eyes then the extensions are likely to twist and feel a bit awkward on your eyes.

How many lashes do you put on for Glam Classic?

We apply about 80-120 lashes/eye for Glam Classic. It’s a very popular set at our salons.

What are Glam Classic lashes?

Glam Classic is a popular set that uses the 1 On 1 method (1 extension on 1 natural lash). It will enhance your eyes by adding some length, curl and thickness but still look natural. This set has about 80-120 lashes/eye and you can choose to go with silk, faux mink or flat lashes. It’s good for everyday wear and if you work in a professional field.

What is the difference between Lite Set and Glam Set?

The difference between Lite and Glam Classic are:

  • Number of lashes we will apply (Lite is 40-50 lashes/eye and Glam is 80-120 lashes/eye)
  • The look – Lite is very subtle, natural-looking while Glam set is still natural-looking and more noticeable.

I have a classic set on now, but I want more lashes, can I do that?

Definitely! If you like the classic lash look but want more lashes, be sure to check out our big sister classic set Flirty Classic

What do you charge for the infills?

It depends on how many lashes you have left and the type of set you’d like to get. Here’s a guide:

  • Classic Infills $60-$90
  • Volume Infills $95 – $140
  • Mega Volume Infills $105- $160

Please note that infills are when a minimum of one third of the original lash extensions remain. If you have just a few lashes left (less than 30%), please book for a full set so we have enough time to make them nice and full again!

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