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Brow Lamination |

Brow Lamination

Involves straightening the eyebrow hairs upwards to create a fluffy effect.
Brow lamination Near Me

For those who want a fuller, more brushed up appearance to their eyebrows, brow lamination may be the answer. The process itself is simple enough. It involves the straightening of the brow hairs to create a fluffy, brushed-up effect. For those who have brow hairs that curl or grow in different directions, the lamination process can create a more attractive appearance that lasts for upwards of six weeks. 

How Brow Laminations Work?

This is a three-step process that uses two different solutions of keratin along with a single oil treatment. 
  • Step 1: The brow is brushed and glued to the desired shape. The first solution is left on for 10 minutes. Blink Lashes only uses prove, dermatologically tested products that ensure the brows are not overly processed. This means the brows remain heathy both during and after the treatment.
  • Step 2: The next step secures the hairs that are in the brushed-up position. The pH levels are also balanced for the skin and hairs. 
  • Step 3: Tinting or henna is applied to the brows. Trimming may be performed at this time or after the treatment is complete. 
  • Final Step: An argon oil treatment is applied that will hydrate the brows and keep the hairs nourished for 24 hours.  
Before After Brow lamination (Before)Brow lamination (After)

Facts About Brow Lamination

Brow laminations work best for those who have unruly, curly eyebrows. You can tame them into a neater, cleaner shape.
In addition, trimming, tweezing, and tinting will be part of the brow lamination service, so your eyebrows can look their best. 
A typical brow lamination will last about six weeks. This may vary depending on how fast your hair grows. For some it will be a little longer, although for more people that time may be a little shorter.
Other facts about brow lamination include the following:
  • Appearance: When the treatment is over, you will receive a disposable mascara wand or spoolie to gently brush the brows upwards to the shape you want. You can do this every morning when you awaken. However, for the first 24 hours you will need to keep the brows untouched. This means no helmet or cap to push the hairs out of place. The goal is to keep the eyebrows as dry as possible for the first 24 hours. If they do become wet, simply pat them dry and wipe the brows upward to keep their shape. A daily application of nutrient product designed to nourish the eyebrows will help promote hair growth. 
  • Cosmetic Tattoo: If you have a cosmetic tattoo, then you can have brow lamination performed as long as the tattoo itself has completely healed. You will want to let the tattoo fully heal first before having any work performed on your eyebrows. 
  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, then it is recommended that you wait until after the first trimester has passed. It is also possible that your skin may be more sensitive than normal while pregnant. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a patch test performed at least 48 hours before the brow lamination just to be safe. 
  • Sensitive Skin: If your skin is unusually dry, easily inflamed, or irritated, then brow lamination may not be for you. A test patch may be created on your skin to see if it is sensitive to the chemicals that are used. 
  • Sparse, Thin Eyebrows: If you have eyebrows that are sparse or thin, then brow lamination may not be for you. This is because the process works best on those who have thick, unruly eyebrows that need taming. Brow lamination does not deliver the desired results if the hairs are thin, sparse, and far apart. If you are not sure, then please send in a photo of your eyebrows so one of our brow specialists can provide you with the right advice. 
  • Tinting: Using tint or henna is the perfect compliment to brow lamination. You can choose henna, which is more expensive and does take longer compared to standard tint. It is advised that you get a henna patch test to ensure that it does not react to your skin. 
Keep in mind that all brow lamination treatments will include waxing, shaping, tweezing, and trimming if required to ensure that your brows are in the shape that you want. 

Is Brow Lamination Right for You?

brows lamination

The answer will depend on the type of brows that you have. Brow lamination is designed to help those with full brows, particularly if the hairs are unruly or unusually curly in nature. If you have sparse, thin brows, then this may not be the treatment for you. For those with sparse brows, you may want to consider microblading, cosmetic tattoo, henna, or tints to make them look fuller. 

Brow Lamination cannot be performed under the following conditions. 

Allergic Reaction: If the patch test shows raised bumps, itchy skin, redness, or soreness then your skin has suffered an allergic reaction the treatment. The allergic reaction also applies to any form of tint, dye, or solution that has been applied to your skin. 
  • Medication: If you have been using Accutaine, Roaccutane, or any hormonal acne medication in the past 12 months, your skin may not be ready for the treatment. 
  • Pregnant (First Trimester): If you are in the first trimester of a pregnancy, then you should wait until it passes before getting brow lamination performed. 
  • Skin Conditions: if you suffer from an infection, dry skin, sunburn, scabbing, cuts, or eczema in the brow area, then the treatment cannot be performed. 
  • Skin Treatment: If you have experienced an IPL or chemical peel or facial laser in the recent past, then your skin may not be ready for the Brow Lamination process. This also includes having a brow tattoo or microblading performed in the past 6 weeks. 
If you have experienced a recent brow lamination which is still present, then you will need to wait until the hairs have full grown out before having it performed again. 

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Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination + Lash lift

Lift your brows and lashes up for fuller effect with our long lasting brow lamination and lash lift treatment.

$175 (90 mins)
Suitable for anyone who has thick/curly eyebrows and undamaged natural lashes

Brow Lamination with Henna Brows/Shape

Get your eyebrow neat, tidy and in shape with our brow lamination treatment and brighten them with natural henna dye

$160 (90 mins)
Suitable for anyone who has thick and curly eyebrows

Brow Lamination with Tint/Shape

Get your eyebrow neat, tidy and in shape with our brow lamination treatment and brighten them with eyebrow tint treatment..

$110 (90 mins)
Suitable for anyone who has thick and curly eyebrows
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What if I am Not Satisfied with the Brow Lamination?

At Blink Lashes, we believe this will be highly unlikely. However, brow lamination may not be for everyone. If you are not happy, you can always smooth the brows back down to their original shape using a brow wax until the hair grows out naturally. 

I am Pregnant, is Brow Lamination Safe?

We recommend that you wait until after the first trimester before having brow lamination performed. Plus, we also recommend a patch test at least 48 hours before the service is to be provided. 

Will My Sensitive Skin Allow for Brow Lamination?

Unfortunately, there are certain ingredients used on the eyebrows that will come into contact with the skin. If you suffer from inflamed skin, dry skin, or eczema, then brow lamination may not be for you. Be sure to inform us if you suffer from sensitive skin before going ahead with the treatment. 

Will Brow Lamination Work with Cosmetic Tattoo?

As long as the tattoo has fully healed, then yes it can! The lamination can be used to lengthen the brows over the tattooed area, giving it a fuller, more natural appearance. 

Can I have Tint or Henna at the Same Time as My Brow Lamination?

Of course! Tint and henna add depth to the brows for an even fuller appearance. Henna does take longer and is a bit more expensive. Plus, we recommend a henna patch test before starting the treatment. 

At Blink Lashes, all of our brow laminations include shaping, tweezing, waxing, and trimming if necessary to create the perfect brows. 

Will Brow Lamination Work on My Thin, Sparse Brows?

Probably not. If your brows are quite sparse, then there are other treatments that will work far better. Cosmetic tattooing, tinting, and henna treatments can help fill in the gaps and create a fuller appearance. 

If you are not sure, please send us a photo of your brows and a brow specialist will advise you on the best course of action for the desired results. 

Will Brow Lamination Work on My Curly, Unruly Brows?

Yes. In fact, brow lamination was designed for those who have curly, unruly brows. The lamination process lets you tame the brows and create a sleeker, more beautiful shape. In addition, we can tweeze, tint, and trim your brows to your desired look. 

How Long will the Brow Lamination Last?

Under most circumstances, six weeks. But that will depend on the growth cycle of your brow hair. 

How Do I Take Care of My Laminated Brows?

Blink Lashes will provide you will a disposable mascara wand or spoolie after treatment. You can use this to gently brush the brows upward to keep their desired shape. This may be necessary when you wake up in the morning. Or, when your brows are starting to lose their shape. 

We will provide you with an application that provides keratin and vitamins. Use this product to nourish both the brow hairs and lashes to keep them healthy. 

For the first 24 hours, do not place anything over your brows such as a cap or helmet. The goal is to leave them alone during this time so they will set. Also, keep the brows as dry as possible during this time. If they become wet, pat them dry gently and brush them back into shape. 

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