NEW!Trendy Technique in Eyelash Extension industry

A lot of clients have come to us and said that " My lashes aren’t full enough , can you fix for me or add some more for me?" We know that Eyelash Extension is addictive. 🙂 We never get enough of them. So We have brought to NEW Technique to apply eyelash extensions to ensure that you have more fuller and fluffier eyelashe extensions without damaging your natural lashes. This technique is called "MEGA Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions"
As good lash stylists and trainers we would never train a technique that we knew caused damage. As trainers (myself included) we spend so much time trying to educate and promote how eyelash extensions are safe and try to undo all the bad press that we see associated with eyelash extensions. Do you think that we would train a technique that would go against everything our ethos-an ethos that we work out butts off to promote…
MEGA Russian Volume uses "Ultra fine extensions" -0.05, 0.04, 0.03 (in thickness)- this means we can use more volume as there is less weight.
MEGA Russian Volume require the "exact" calculation of lash weights and no longer guess work to know "exactly" how much volume we can use.
The application of MEGA Russian Volume is different to the Classic Russian Volume to ensure seamless bond,secure attachment and balance of each fan (creating a safe set of extensions)
Because they do not understand-they jump to conclusions or make assumptions without the correct information.
Do you remember when Russian Volume was first introduced and how everyone said that w could’ t use multiples extensions per natural lash. But several year years on you only have to look at our Russian Volume industry and we all know that is it safe (if applied correctly) and the reasons why is it safe..EDUCATION is the key.
Hope that has cleared things up 🙂
Love XX

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