micellar water and eyelash extensions

Micellar Water and Eyelash Extensions 

Micellar Water and Eyelash Extensions 

At Blink Lashes, we understand how to take care of eyelash extensions. One of the questions that pops up frequently is the relationship between micellar water and eyelash extensions. With so many using micellar water to remove makeup, they believe it is safe to use them on their eyelash extensions. Before you try this at home there are things you should know about micellar water. 

Micellar Water

The reason why this type of water works so well in removing makeup is that it is attracted to the oil and other ingredients that are commonly found in makeup products. That’s why they are so effective in removing makeup. 

However, they can also remove your eyelash extensions as well. This is because of the gentle pulling nature of the water when used to remove makeup that may be on or near your extensions. It may interact with the adhesives used to keep your extensions attached to your eyelashes. Once it comes into contact, it may cause your extensions to loosen and fall off. 

This is not from the water itself, but rather the oils that it picks up from the skin or the extensions themselves. Once in contact with the adhesives, they cause the bond to break between the extensions and your eyelashes. All it takes is one sweep of your face with a washcloth or pad that contains oil trapped in micellar water and your extensions may come straight off. 

If you want to keep your extensions, then you should be quite careful when using micellar water. Avoid the eye area and use another type of makeup remover. At Blink Lashes, we offer a variety of oil-free makeup remover that works just as well as micellar water without removing your extensions. Now you know the relationship between micellar water and eyelash extensions and how it makes an effect on your lashes, let’s have a look at how oil interacts with adhesive.

How Oil Interacts with Adhesives

A glue or adhesive is used to connect extensions to your natural eyelashes. While the adhesive does no harm to your skin, it can be affected by other products such as oils that are generated by your skin. This is because the natural oils your skin generates have properties which cause the adhesives to dissolve over time. In most cases, the oil generated by your skin will not loosen the adhesives faster than your natural eyelashes will shed, so this is usually not an issue. 

However, it is not just the natural oils from your skin, but also oils from other products such as coconut or jojoba which also cause the adhesives to dissolve. This is why you should always check any makeup or other products you apply to your skin to see if they contain any oils. Oil-free makeup is recommended to help keep the extensions attached to your natural lashes. 

Other Reasons Extensions Can Loosen and Fall Out

The mixture of oil products and eyelash extensions are not the only reasons why they may fall out. You need to know about other ways that your extensions can loosen and come out over time. The most common reasons include using the wrong skincare products, getting them too wet, and even taking certain medications which cause your natural eyelashes to become brittle. But there are other reasons as well. 

Improper Care: This may be the most common reason why eyelash extensions loosen and fall out before their time. You will need to understand how to clean your extensions while not loosening them. This means using the right products while taking care of the health of your natural eyelashes. Otherwise, you may not only risk having them fall out too soon, but you may also experience infections or inflammation because of improper care. 

Lash Stimulation: There are products which stimulate the growth of your lashes. However, the downside is that in speeding up the growth process, it also speeds up the shedding process. This means that your extensions will loosen and fall out faster compared to normal lashes. 

Mascara: One of the reasons why so many choose to have eyelash extensions is that they do not have to wear mascara. Mascara along with other liquid liners are to be avoided. Otherwise, they will cause the adhesive to come apart and cause the extensions to loosen and fall out. Any waterproof makeup should be avoided as well since its removal can also loosen the bond between your natural eyelashes and the extensions. 

Oily Skin: If you have oily skin, then it can help to break down the adhesive that attaches the extensions to the lashes. There are even some cases when the skin is so oily that the extensions never take hold in the first place. You will need to consult with one of our eyelash technicians at Blink Lashes to see if your skin may be too oily for the extensions to properly connect. 

Rubbing: Just as you’ve been told never to rub your eyes, so too should you not rub the extensions. The pull from the rubbing will help to loosen the bond or cause some of your natural lashes to shed sooner than they should. Avoid rubbing your eyes and eyelashes if you want to keep the extensions in place for as long as possible. 

Shedding: The most common reason eyelash extensions fall out is when the older lashes are shed from the skin. Although the shedding process takes place every day, it does take about two to three weeks before enough of your old lashes are gone before the extensions finally fall out. 

Sleep: For most people, how you sleep will have little to no effect on your eyelash extensions. But there are cases in which you may accidentally pull them out. This is true if you sleep in a manner that puts pressure on the extensions themselves. Such as sleeping on your face with the extensions coming into contact with the pillow. 

Understanding how to take care of eyelash extensions is just part of what we do at Blink Lashes. Our trained technicians understand the relationship between micellar water and eyelash extensions. This means we know the right methods of removal so you can return to your original appearance. If you are looking to remove your eyelash extensions or perhaps want a new set, please come by our business today.

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