Lash shampoo: Your at home remedy for clean comfortable eyelash extensions

If there’s one thing we hear a lot from lash wearers it’s “I absolutely love my lashes and could never live without them!” but a close second is “I’m so scared to get them wet! I don’t want them to fall out!”
There is such a MYTH about lash extensions being fragile, or unable to hold up through a cleanse, swim, or hot yoga session. Ladies, the absolute BEST part about having lash extensions is that you should never need to alter your daily routine because of them! Lash extensions compliment each and every activity you could throw at them! Lash extensions aren’t scared of water, showers, or a swim! Lashes love to be combed through, and pampered!
The ONLY thing lash extensions are scared of is… OIL.
Oil on our lash extensions breaks down the bond of our adhesive prematurely, and causes lashes to “slip” off! This is Definitely something we need to be avoiding!
Oil can get onto your lashes from a number of things: -oil based eyeliners -oily foundation -oily make-up removers
but most importantly… oil can get onto your lashes from you… living!
Sebum (natural oil) is produced by the sebaceous glands in your hair follicles (ooo.. back to high school biology, right?!).
It is sebum that keeps our body hair from drying out, and it’s also what causes our hair to get oily after a day or two without washing.
So how do we keep our lash extensions free of oil (sebum)? By DAILY washes with your lash shampoo! Lash Shampoo keeps your eyelid skin, and lash extensions: free of any dirt or debris, clean of bacteria, and most importantly… free of any oil!
Here is the recipe for Lash Shampoo! Very easy to make and very cheap 🙂
2 tablespoons baby shampoo (tear-free!) 12 tablespoons water 1 tsp baking soda
Mix the ingredients together in a bottle and store.
To apply: using your fingertips, gently work the shampoo into your lashes, and right down to your eyelid. Thoroughly rinse with water, and pat dry. Comb lashes with a mascara wand (I will give you overtime you come to do a fullest or refills) or lash precision comb.
Tip: For ultra fluffy lashes, blow dry your lashes with cool air (away from your face 30 cm) and to make sure they are completely dry for a fully “fluffy” effect!
Washing your lash extensions plays an integral part in how your lash extensions last, and how comfortable they are for you. If you have ever experienced any itching at the eyelid (with lash extensions or not) it is likely due to a bacteria build up at the eyelid base. Simply taking the time to daily washing of the eyelashes and eyelid keeps bacteria at bay, and ensures each woman has comfortable, gorgeous, and LONG-LASTING eyelash extensions between fills!
Enjoy, lash lovers! 🙂

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