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Know what the difference between your lash extension types. |

Know what the difference between your lash extension types.

Every woman is beautiful, but lashes just do something magical to the eyes and entire face to enhance this beauty, that’s why we won’t stop loving it.
There are many types of lash extensions, and as we already know…not all of them are created equal. It is good to know about these lashes because it helps you have a meaningful conversation with your stylist, you can also talk about which type of lash will be best for the kind of look you want to have. So let’s take a good look at the difference between the three most common lashes in the industry — silk, mink, and real fur.
Real fur
This is my personal favorite because real fur lashes are the most natural-looking you can find in the market today. If you’re working in a corporate organization that requires you to look formal, this type of extension is highly recommended because you’ll look so stylishly natural that no one will believe you are wearing extensions.
Real fur lashes are permed for that unique curl they have, and the longer you carry these extensions, the more relaxed they will appear. They’re not for just anyone though, these luxurious lashes cost more than other types, so you need to dig deep into your pocket to enjoy real fur.
The only downside to this special type of lash extension is that it’s not suitable for those with animal allergies.
Silk lashes have a lot in common with the mink type, and so many people find it hard to tell the difference since both of them are made of PBT ( a polyester material).
Those who love silk lashes go for them because of the classy gloss-like finishing and the thick body which gives a more dramatic appearance.
They’re also the best type to use for classic lashing, that’s why almost every stylist you meet will automatically go for silk lashes when making classic lash work.
Faux Mink
Like silk, faux mink lashes are made of PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate), the main difference between them is seen in their weight, shape, and finishing.
Faux Mink lashes are very thin, they’re the thinnest type of lashes available, and because of their remarkable lightweight, stylists don’t hesitate to use mink for volume lashing.
Those who always buy mink lashes do so because it mimics a natural lash so well. It is also great for people who have very smooth natural lashes because it is so hard to tell the difference after a mink lash extension has been applied, they’re almost the same.
When I mentioned real fur eyelashes, remember I made it clear that it is more expensive and can be harmful to people who have animal allergies. So if you want to have all that a real fur lash can give but happen to fall into the group of women with animal allergies, just go faux mink. They are less expensive and you can fix them without having to worry about your allergies since they’re synthetic.
They also go very well with volume and mega volume lash sets.
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