Dear all our clients, We will be closed until further notice as we are affected by the fire in the building. All bookings that booked through our online booking have been cancelled and the deposit will be refunded to your account. Any clients who paid your deposit in the salon will be contacted individually. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to lashing you again soon.
Hygiene and precautions in the beauty industry Covid -19
Hygiene and precautions in the beauty industry Covid -19

Hygiene and precautions in the beauty industry Covid -19

Hygiene and precautions in the beauty industry Covid -19

The worldwide impact of Covid-19 has renewed the emphasis on proper hygiene in all industries, especially when it comes to those that have close contact with their customers. The impact of hygiene and precautions in the beauty industry Covid-19 has made will be with us for a long time. You can rest assured that proper hygiene and safety at Blink Lashes remains the top priority. 

At Blink Lashes, we start by creating the cleanest environment to help minimize the spread of any virus, bacteria, or germs. This not only protects our customers, but our technicians as well. Combined with the proper safety practices when applying or removing lash extensions and we have created a safe, comfortable environment for you. 

Our Safety Efforts

Long before Covid-19, Blink Lashes established safety protocols to help ensure that our customers and technicians minimized their chances of spreading germs, viruses, or bacteria. It begins with obeying all safety and cleaning procedures required by our government. But we have taken extra steps to keep our salon and technicians as safe as possible. 

  • Regular hand washing by our technicians
  • Maintaining infection control procedures
  • Rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of contact points in our salon 
  • Proper ventilation of our salon 

The arrival of Covid-19 has brought about new regulations that we at Blink Lashes have incorporated into our safety practices.  

  • Hand sanitizers available to our customers 
  • Hand sanitization after touching objects
  • Masks for our technicians 
  • Technicians take their temperature before starting the day 
  • Staggered appointments to minimize wait times
  • Our technicians will wear gloves upon request, but we do sanitize our hands 

We also ask that you wash your hands after entering our salon. In addition, we cannot provide you with blankets to keep warm, but you are free to bring your own blanket if you want. And please understand our practice of keeping a safe distance when greeting you at the door. We love to see all of our customers, but we also strive to keep any physical contact limited to the care of your lashes. 

How You Can Help 

These are some of the precautions we take at Blink Lashes to ensure the safety of our customers and technicians. You can help by rescheduling an appointment if you are not feeling well, have recently been overseas, or have come into contact with someone confirmed with Covid-19. We ask that you push back your appointment by at least two weeks if you experience any of these conditions. 

Our technicians also do not report for work if they are not feeling well. We understand that slowing the spread of any virus requires the cooperative efforts of our technicians and customers, so we appreciate your consideration in this regard. 

At Blink Lashes, we take Covid-19 seriously along with halting the spread of all viruses, germs, and bacteria thanks to our safety practices. This means that we understand the importance of proper hygiene and precautions in the beauty industry Covid-19 has brought to light. We strive every day to keep our environment clean and safe, so you can feel comfortable when visiting Blink Lashes. 

PS. We are following the COVID-19 Safety plan provide through Service NSW very strictly.

For any concern please contact us or call us on 0459546556

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