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How to take care of eyelashes after extensions| FREE 3 tips
how to take care of eyelashes after extensions

How to take care of eyelashes after extensions

How to take care of eyelashes after extensions


We often hear from our clients on “How to take care of eyelashes after extensions?” Well  this article will give you some important eyelash extensions aftercare advices that you can follow at home.

It is so easy to point fingers at your lash stylist or her adhesive whenever you have lash retention issues, and while those are factors we cannot totally cancel, they are usually not the cause. More often than not, the client is the reason her extensions don’t last.

You spend a good amount of money on your lashes every few weeks, so there is no way you want all that to go to waste. To enjoy the worth of your money, here are some important lash aftercare tips you need to start practicing immediately if you want your lashes to always look great and last long.

Lash After Care Tips


  • Don’t apply mascara


Seriously, if you are one of those women who just can’t live without mascara, you need to quit the habit because it could be the reason your lashes keep getting weak and falling off before time. 

There isn’t a lash stylist in the world who likes seeing her clients with mascara, it makes your natural lashes look like concrete and can be really hard to wash off. If your lash stylist is as good as she should be, then there is no need for a mascara because your eyes will look as full as you want when she is through with the application.

If you still look in the mirror and find yourself unsatisfied with the way your lashes look, it means you are the type that likes FULL lashes, so instead of cementing your eyes with mascara, nicely meet your stylist sooner for a refill. She will be more than happy to attend to you since it saves her the nightmare of washing off your mascara later.

  • Make sure your cleanser is eyelash extension friendly.  

(The video gives you the idea how you can clean your eyelashes) Feel free to ask us at the salons to show you our technique 🙂

This is something most ladies take for granted, no wonder lash retention issues never go away. It is good that you practise hygiene by using cleansers, but the good you are doing will also come with side effects if you are not using the right cleanser.

Make sure you cleansers are lash extension friendly, it is the only way to be rest assured that you are not causing damage to your extensions in the name of practising hygiene. If you are confused about the cleanser to buy, you can ask your lash stylist for recommendations. 

If you use more than one product, that’s okay. Just make sure that you use them all before the cleanser. It should be the last so that it can remove any residue left from your lash routine. 

If you are looking for an eyelash cleanser that specially made for Eyelash Extensions, please let us know, we have FRESH LASH foam cleanser available at our salons.


  • Stay away from oily products


Avoid them like the plague, they have never been known to mix well with your lash extensions. Oily products like moisturisers and spray tans will do nothing but weaken your lash extensions, so run away from them!

Remember to always consult your stylist if you have any questions or if you feel confused about whether a product is good for your lash extensions or not. She will be more than happy to help you out.

For a complete list of how to take care of eyelashes after extensions…You can go check out our eyelash extensions aftercare advices here

This article is written by Mai Qauch, The owner of Blink Lashes

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