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Have you ever needed a break from Eyelash Extensions? #1 Best Answer
Have you ever needed a break from Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever needed a break from Eyelash Extensions?

Have you ever needed a break from Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever needed a break from Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have a powerful effect on your face. So much so that it is not surprising that you want to wear the extensions all the time. Not only does it augment your appearance, but they make it easier to look fresh and more youthful with no effort. But have you ever needed a break from eyelash extensions?

The question is an interesting one because it can be interpreted in at least two ways. If you want to take a break from wearing eyelash extensions, you can do so with confidence that you can return to them any time you want. But if you believe that you must take a break to maintain the health of your natural eyelashes, then you have nothing to worry about.

This is because most eyelash extensions will do no damage to your natural eyelashes or the skin where the follicles are located. That is because the size, weight, and location of the eyelash extensions when properly applied will do not harm.

This means that if you are concerned that your natural eyelashes need a break from the extensions, in most cases that is not true. However, if you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or some other issue then we ask that you seek us out at Blink Lashes. Our technicians are trained to help you find a solution.

Health of Natural Eyelashes

Your eyelashes are like the hair on your head. They start out as small follicles, grow to full size, and then detach naturally. Before they detach, they are more than strong enough to hold extensions as long as the size and weight are reasonable.

This means that you should not have any worries when getting new eyelash extensions. This is because the natural eyelashes will still be there to support them. There are exceptions of course, but such exceptions such as eyelashes that are damaged are relatively few and far between. For the most part, your natural eyelashes will hold strong even if you wear extensions for decades.

At Blink Lashes, taking care of your natural eyelashes is our primary goal. We understand that your natural eyelashes are the foundation of our work. This is why our technicians are trained to inspect your eyelashes, look for any issues, and provide sound advice on the options you have available if you want to continue wearing extensions or you want to take a break.

Have you ever needed a break from eyelash extensions?

When asking this question “Have you ever needed a break from Eyelash Extensions?”, you need to focus on the health of your eyelashes over the long run.

You have two options if you decide to take a break from your eyelash extensions. You can let the extensions fall off over time as the natural eyelashes are shed. Or you can come to Blink Lashes and they can be removed. The former options takes about four to six weeks to fully shed, although there might be some tough follicles determined to hang in there.

The latter is a quick, safe method for having them removed. Our technicians know how to apply and remove extensions. This means that you can walk out of our salon with confidence. We understand that there is a third option of using home removal products, but we advise against that. While many such products are relatively safe, it can be difficult to remove the extensions by yourself. Even with some assistance, it is possible to accidentally damage your natural eyelashes or experience pain and discomfort while they are being removed.

What to Do

If you are not sure about what course of action to take when you want a break from your eyelash extensions, then the first step should be to talk to one of our technicians. If you have formed a relationship with one of our technicians, all the better. They can provide you with sound advice so you can make the best-informed decision about what to do next.

Serums: One alternative if you are looking to strengthen your natural eyelashes is to use an approved serum. A proper lash serum contains ingredients that condition and strengthen the eyelashes, so they grow longer and stronger. While they may not reach the size of eyelash extensions, using a serum is a way to treat weaker natural eyelashes so they are restored to their natural beauty and strength. If you need to have your eyelashes strengthened, then using a proper serum may offer the best results. Once your eyelashes are stronger, then you can decide if going back to extensions is the right move.

In addition, you should consider the following when making changes to your eyelashes. This will also help to ensure that the decision you make is a sound one.

  • Let the extensions fall away naturally
  • Be patient with your decision
  • At least sleep on whether you want to remove them

If you do nothing, then the extensions will naturally fall away over time. You can remove them easily once your natural eyelashes have completed their recycling process. At that point, you can then make the decision whether to keep your natural look or go with a new pair of eyelash extensions.

Hasty decisions often lead to regret, so that’s why we at Blink Lashes encourage patience. Whatever decision you make is fine with us. All we ask is that if you are growing tired of your extensions and want a break, you should at least consider all the options before making your decision. That way, you will know what is available.

Considering have you ever need a break from eyelash extensions, the answer is that with the proper care you can wear and replace them as long as you want. They will need to be the proper length, thickness, and weight to prevent damaging your natural lashes. So, if you follow those simple rules, you can take a break from your eyelash extensions or wear them for the rest of your life, it’s your choice.

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