Eyelash Extensions make your natural lashes fall out TRUE or FALSE?

FALSE – Whether you have eyelash extensions or not, you cannot avoid your natural lashes from falling out. Your natural lashes are also hairs so it is normal if they fall out– and don’t be scared this is not a bad thing!!
Your natural lashes grow in 90 day cycles so when a new hair is ready to grow out from the hair follicle the old hair will fall out to make room for it. So seeing a natural lash on an eyelash extension once it has fallen out is a GOOD thing! This means that your extensions have been applied INDIVIDUALLY & your natural lashes are able to go through their cycle without interruptions.

The only time you should be concerned with your natural lashes falling out is if the extensions themselves have been applied to multiple natural lashes. If lashes are clumped together this means there is no way for the natural lash to grow out from the hair follicle when it’s ready to, causing the new lash behind it to die in the hair follicle. This is what can cause permanent lash damage and eye infections if continued over a long period of time. By attaching extensions to multiple natural lashes can also cause your eyes being uncomfortable and itchy, this will result in you rub your eyes and pull your eyelashes.

Always make sure to go to a certified lash stylist that follows the rule of applying one extension to one natural lash. 🙂

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