Eyelash Extensions Infill

Eyelash Extensions Infill

Eyelash Extensions Infill

There is no feeling like seeing your first set of eyelash extensions infill in the mirror. There is something about the fresh look and youthful appearance that only a full set of lashes can bring. Not to mention the confidence and appreciation that comes with the compliments that you will receive when friends and family see your new look.

However, after a few weeks you will see the natural process shed the infill eyelashes and you will need to make another appointment. But that is okay as a trip to see your lash specialist will be one to look forward to as you bring new life to your appearance.  

What follows are a few tips and information that will help you make the best-informed decisions about your lashes, what eyelash extension infills offer, and how to take care of them over time. If you have a question, it may be answered below. If you do not see your question, then please give us a call. 

How Often to Get Eyelash Extensions Infills? 

There is no exact time, but it can be said that after four weeks your natural eyelashes will have shed. This means that the eyelash extensions that were attached to them are gone as well. Eyelashes, just like the hairs on your head grow, shed, and regrow over time. While everyone is different, for the most part four weeks is about the time to get new eyelash extension infills for your lashes. 

This means that you should schedule an appointment for the month after you have your original set of extensions. After two or three months, it will become clear what your individual cycle of shedding is for your eyelashes. When that is discovered, then you can set your next appointment with more precision. You can work out the details with your lash stylist to ensure that you get new infills when needed.  

How Long to Avoid Water on My Infills?

It is recommended that you avoid swimming, gymming, and other activities which gets water on your eyelash extensions for at least 24 hours. Once that time is up, the bond will be strong enough that it cannot be separated by water. This means that you can wash your hair, go swimming, and do all the water activities you desire without having to worry about the extensions prematurely falling away. 

Remember that after the first 24 hours you should be washing your lashes when needed just like your hair. You can use our Foaming Lash Cleanser (Recommend Fresh Lash) which removes the dirt and grime gently from the lashes, so they look spectacular. 

Can Mascara Help Fill Out Eyelashes?

It’s certainly a temptation to use mascara to help augment the effect of your infill eyelashes, especially if you are trying to extend your next appointment. However, for the most part adding mascara only makes the situation worse. The result is that the mascara will tend to clump and twist the eyelashes, so they do not look as natural.

Even worse, some mascara products have conditioning oils which while good for the skin can actually remove the bond of the extensions and cause them to fall away long before they naturally shed. This means that you should avoid getting mascara in your eyelashes when using extensions. 

Will My Lashes be Damaged by the Eyelash Extensions Infill?

Healthy lashes will not be damaged by the infills. Many of our clients have henna doing infills for years with no unwanted side effects. The infill process is simple, safe, and works for most people. 

Before the infills are applied, your eyelash technician will inspect your natural lashes. They will provide valuable guidance and insight into the health of your lashes, how the extensions will work, and advice on how to clean and keep your new lashes looking fresh. 

Can I Switch to a Bigger Set of Lashes? 

Yes, you can. Our lash technicians can switch out your extensions with larger ones if you desire. We understand that change is a good thing, so we design our infills so they can be switched out when you want. Whether you want a new look for your birthday, holiday, or any day, we are here to help. For example, if you are sporting a glam set of lashes and want to change up the volume, then make an appointment so we can fulfill your needs. 

Of course, it helps if you call as far in advance as possible. We have many clients just like you who are looking for a new look. By working together with you, we can make your wishes come true with a new pair of extensions that provides the effect that you want.  

Do I Need to Remove My Old Lash Extensions If I Want a Different Look?

Nope, you can keep your old extensions and switch to a new style thanks to our eyelash extensions infill.  If you have existing extensions that you like, then we will change the new infills to provide the desired look. This means placing new extensions that may be longer or shorter on different areas. The result is that you will have a new style without having the old extensions removed. 

So, if you are looking to add more volume, change to a different style, or are tired of the way your lashes appear right now, you can set an appointment with our lash technician. It may take one or two appointments to get the full volume you want, but you will be impressed by the results. 

If you are not sure of what new look you want, have questions about the service we provide, or simply want to change up your appearance with a great set of extensions, then please give us a call. We are here to serve you by providing the best in eyelash extensions that augment your appearance or change your look if you desire. 

Our commitment to serve you is what separates us from the competition. If you are looking for eyelash extensions infill to create beautiful eyelashes to enhance your natural beauty, then Blink Lashes is here for you. 

To make an appointment, you can do it through our online booking or call/text 0459546556

PS. If you would like to learn more about eyelash extensions in general, you can go here

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