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Eyelash Extensions For Special Occasions (Like Wedding) |

Eyelash Extensions For Special Occasions (Like Wedding)

It’s no news that lash extensions bring out all the beauty in a woman’s eyes, and whenever there is a special occasion, we the professional stylists take it upon ourselves to make our clients look extra stunning!
It is really hard to think of an occasion more important to a woman than her wedding day. It’s the day she has to exchange vows and start a lifelong commitment with the love of her life. That day, all attention will be on the bride. She is the star of the occasion and everything from her dress to her lash extensions will be talked about for years to come.
This is why everything has to be as perfect as possible. The area that concerns us here is the lash extension of the bride, so I’m going to focus on the type of extensions that is suitable for wedding day, appointment bookings, aftercare tips and other wedding related issues.
Type of lash extension for wedding day
The bride has to be the one to make this choice, as she alone knows how she will love to appear. While some ladies want to have heavily dramatic lash extensions for their wedding, others like to keep the natural look and appear like they were born with fuller and thicker lashes.
For those who don’t want to take it over the top, I recommend the classic one-to-one lash sets. As for brides who want to have it thicker and fuller than usual, the sultry volume lashes will do just fine.
What about the bridesmaids?
It would be a terrible show if the bride looks beautiful while her bridesmaids look poorly prepared. So they also deserve some pampering. They should visit the lash salon as a group so everything can be done fast and uniformly. So arrangements have to be made long before the due date.
It is good to know the lash history of the bridesmaids and their personal preferences and allergies, so that everything will go smoothly on the wedding day. We don’t want any casualties!
How to book a wedding lash appointment
This is going to be a big day for the bride, but the lash industry and other women are not going to pause their lives because of one wedding. Work must go on and the stylist is always busy, so it is vital to make the booking as early as a few months before the wedding day.
This applies to the bridesmaids as well. Aftercare/honeymoon tips Wedding lashes are no doubt, very special. But the aftercare tips needed here are basically the same as those of any other occasion.
For those who will be jumping from pool to pool throughout their honeymoon, there is no need to worry about the lash because the adhesive used is very strong. Problems will only arise if the lashes get wet with 24 hours after it is fixed. So, just like the everyday extensions, it’s best to avoid water for at least one day after application, after that, you can move your things and start living under water.

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