Emergency Eyelash Extensions Removal

24/7 Emergency Eyelash Extensions Removal

24/7 Emergency Eyelash Extensions Removal 

Having an eyelash extension is becoming a rave nowadays. More and more women are adding this to their beauty lists. Having your lashes extended just gives you the added glamour and beauty within without the inconvenience of putting mascaras and false eyelashes. By having your eyelash extended you can have long, curly and thick eyelashes in no time. In less time, with not much of the effort.

Now, the question is- is it safe? Generally, it is safe if a professional will do the procedure. One who is trained and licensed to perform the eyelash extension. Many other salons will offer to do the procedure at such a lower price but again, is it safe? If the eyelash extension is incorrectly done there are many disadvantages such as having eye discomfort, infection of the eyelids or cornea, eyelids may also swell after the procedure if the client is allergic to the adhesives used, the incorrect procedure may lead to permanent loss of the eyelashes.

Some symptoms that you may experience after the procedure if you are having an allergic reaction:

  • Swelling on the area.

  • Bloodshot eyes or red eyes.

  • There is itching where the lashes were glued.

  • There is a pain in the area.

  • Redness of the eyelids.

What can you do?

Our salon, Blink Lashes has won many awards as we are very professional with our clients. Our goal is to make sure that every client will be satisfied and contented with every service we do for them. One of our services is emergency eyelash extensions removal. We will be happy to remove your eyelash extension for you. With emergency eyelash extensions removal service, We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to aid with your eyelash removal. Our price during normal hours is between $30 to $80. If it is after hours we usually charge $100 to $150 and will depend on how complicated the removal will be. We can also give you advice on what to do after the procedure so you can be at ease and will help cut your worries.

We specialise in all things that concern your lashes and your eyebrows. We perform eyelash extension and eyelash removal everyday.

We have assisted many clients who came to us with swollen eyelids and some have bloodshot eyes after having her eyelash extension procedure done somewhere else. One client even tried to remove the eyelash extension herself by pulling the eyelashes one by one because she panicked when her eyelids started swelling.

These clients sadly trusted some eyelash extension salon that just cannot do the job right. They thought by going to this cheaper salon they will be able to save money but instead, all they get is additional problems in the long run.

Clients are the most affected when this happens. Imagine the fear, panic, and dismay, and not knowing what to do or who to go to for help.

Some women just have one purpose in having their eyelashes extended, instead, they got more than they bargained for because they choose other salons where they will pay less but the trouble they got is just too many to mention. The best thing to do when you are planning to have your eyelash done is to choose a salon that is not just reputable but has fair pricing as well.

Why choose us for Emergency Eyelash Extensions Removal?

Here at Blink Lashes, we can do the procedure correctly because we only have highly professional qualified lash artists to perform the procedure.

  • We also have a clean facility to ensure that there will be no cause of infection from the unclean environment.
  • We have a complete tool for the procedure.
  • We follow a high standard when it comes to sanitising, and sterilising our equipment.
  • Our clinicians thoroughly follow procedures and adhere to our high standards.
  • We also have an allergy test for every procedure you want to be done. That way, we can avoid any inconvenience on your part.
  • We have a 24 hours/7 days’ service for urgent procedures.
  • We have several International Multi-Award Winning Lash Artists to help when this emergency eyelash removal arises. Ready to serve you at any time.
  • We can help you with eyelash extension or with your eyelash extension removal needs, we are always ready to assist.

So If you are in need of getting your eyelash extensions remove urgently, Contact us on 0459546556 or Book online and we will be more than happy to help you.

For a complete aftercare advice, you can out our FAQ or go here for a print out version

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