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Bowral Microblading|#1 Best Salon for Eyebrow Microblading
Bowral Microblading

Bowral Microblading

Bowral Microblading


At Blink Lashes, we are proud to be one of the destinations for having a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo (Most people refer us as Blink Lashes Bowral Miocroblading). We have earned our qualifications in Australia as well as internationally to ensure having a fully trained and qualified artist to perform this remarkable beauty enhancement. For the past few years, we have created beautiful eyebrows using this technique for our clients. 

The eyebrows shape the appearance of the eyes and set the frame for the face. By focusing on your natural attributes, cosmetic tattooing and microblading offers a simple, safe solution for those looking to enhance their appearance.  

Bowral Microblading

Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading at Blink Lashes Bowral Microblading


Mai is the leading artist we have at Blink Lashes who can perform this type of microblading and semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing for your eyebrows. This form of cosmetic tattooing involves the use of small pigments which are placed on the skin using a pen. The machine inserts the pigments into the brow area. What makes this technique so effective is that the color used is customized to match your brow and skin for the best results. 

Microblading is the process which uses a specific tool to create hair-like patterns in the skin. These strokes are fine enough to mimic the eyebrows and create an entirely new look that is natural, yet as dramatic as you desire. Keep in mind that this is a semi permanent process which means that after a pre-set period the tattooing and microblading will start to fade. 

To keep up the appearance, we suggest scheduling a regular series of appointments with Mai (usually every year for touch up). However, if you decide to change your appearance and not go forward, then you can take comfort in knowing that the effect is temporary and will fade over time. 

Our Bowral Microblading Artist 


It’s little wonder that Mai’s services are in high demand, but at Blink Lashes we can make the appointment for you. With several years of experience in the industry, Mai has focused her talents on the art of cosmetic tattooing along with microblading to produce incredible results for our clients. 

She has garnered her training at microblading and brow shading at prestigious programs like Phi Brows. These European techniques have helped to enhance the services that Mai offers to her clients. This includes makeup training which has provided her with a full range of experiences that makes her work even more beautiful. 

Being one of a handful of registered artists in the Southern Highlands (License #CV1603756759MQ6034A),  Mai has earned a solid reputation for her work. If you are considering having cosmetic tattooing and microblading performed to enhance your eyebrows, then Mai is the artist for you. She is the owner, lash and brows expert at Blink Lashes. 

At Blink Lashes Bowral, we offer eyebrow microblading from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm. You can schedule an appointment with Mai by call/txt 0459 546 556 or book online at Be advised that she has a busy schedule, but the wait will be worth the results. 

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